Vita Aeterna

Vita Aeterna provides full spectrum of Pre-clinical and Clinical Trials Services for Bioequivalence, Phase I-IV and epidemiological observational clinical trials, registration of medicinal products and medical devices.

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Full service pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, medicinal products and medical devices registration in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Strong points:

Our goal is to provide you with the optimal solution to meet your specific needs!

Benefit from the experience of our team from the first design up to drug registration!

  • Our experienced team develops the projects starting from the first steps needed, up to the medicinal products registration.
  • We suggest comprehensive regulatory support for the projects and clinical trials programs.
  • We have huge potential for fast patients’ enrollment due to many-years-collaboration and excellent relationship with experienced sites all over Russia.
  • We are in strategic Partnership with Several Highly Experienced Phase I units
  • In Russia our employees are located in 4 regions: Central, South, Ural and Northern Regions
  • We are competent in all the basic nosologies.
  • We conduct GCP trainings for investigators and pharmaceutical companies

We are the only contact you need to conduct your Projects!

We provide full range of Clinical Trials Services for Pharmaceuticals Registration.