Volunteer enrollment

Volunteer enrollment


VITA AETERNA makes the list of volunteers for clinical trials of various drugs which are used in different areas of medicine: cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, oncology, etc. Trials in which volunteers take part are called 1 phase studies and drug bioequivalence studies. In the clinical trials, a drug action is investigated on healthy volunteers.

The first phase of clinical studies is aimed to prove safety of new drugs in healthy humans. The effect of the administered drug on the body condition and activity in general is additionally investigated based on the examination, complaints, instrumental and laboratory examination methods. The study phase is not aimed to investigate drug efficacy therefore the drug effect is studied in healthy volunteers rather than patients with the target disease.

Bioequivalence study is aimed to compare 2 drugs based on the delivery rate to the circulation, body elimination, safety is also assessed.

All clinical trials by VITA AETERNA are carried out with compliance of the Good Practices. Any study is approved by the Ministry of Health and Independent Ethics Committee, is carried out in inpatient or polyclinic settings under the close control by the medical personnel, company monitors and independent auditors, and state institutions. During the studies, the main study principles including safety and data confidentiality are followed.

All potential risks of the study participation are detailed in the Patient information sheet which is the integral part of clinical trial or bioequivalence study documents. Only after signing the document, a volunteer may take part in the study.

VITA AETERNA makes insurance for all volunteers in accordance with the current legislation, and pays for participation in clinical trials. After study completion, a study participant gets remuneration, the sum varies and depends on study complexity and duration.

Who can become a study participant (volunteer)?

If you are over 18 years of age, generally healthy, you can potentially take part in a clinical trial as a volunteer.

You cannot become a study participant:

  • If you overuse alcohol, take narcotic drugs, smoke actively
  • Take drugs chronically (course, etc.)
  • You plan to get pregnant or are already pregnant, lactating.

You can get the more detailed information by phone +7 (495) 228-37-03.

You can become a participant of clinical studies by Vita Aeterna company sending your information on email info@vitaaeternarps.com (you should state the name, age and contact phone).